Pupils are required to

  • Be in school by 8.50 am promptly
  • Be punctual to each class
  • Wear the correct uniform every day
  • Supply a note from parent/guardian/doctor’s certificate to cover all absences
  • Conduct themselves in an orderly fashion whilst in school uniform. This includes: Walking in the corridor and showing respect to all members of the school community and to visitors
  • Remain in the school grounds throughout the day
  • Complete classwork/homework on time

Pupils must not

  • Wear more than one pair of stud-earrings (on the lower lobe), one ring and a wristwatch
  • Smoke or bring cigarettes or matches to school
  • Bring in any illegal substance
  • Use bad language
  • Enter areas of the school, which are out of bounds
  • Bring any offensive weapons to school

You can see more of the School Rules on the School Web Site belfastgms.org.